Know Ishani

Hi, I am Ishani. I am 10 years old and I live in Toronto. I go to Crestview Public School. I am in grade 5 in Mr. Fong’s class . There  are 4 members in my family. My little brother Ojas, who is 4 months old , my mother and my father .

I  love reading and started this blog because I wanted to share what I am reading and  what I would suggest my friends to read!   I have read hundreds of books and thought may be I can help you select a good book to read.

Other than reading, in  my free time I love to play Piano. I also took the Royal Conservatory grade 1 piano test and passed with first class honors. I am enrolled in grade 2 piano classes now

I play and learn Tennis and go on bike riding with my father in summers. I am also Red cross level 7 in swimmer.  I take Bollywood dance classes from a great dance instructor Yash.   I enjoy  doing lots of other things thing like  playing basketball, going to the park, travel, learn cooking with my mom. I wish I can do horse riding so my dad is saving money for me so that I can get the riding classes. During the winter I enjoy skating and am taking the skating classes. 

I   join lots of clubs in my school like library helpers , yoga club , math club , photography, tap dance and Me to We. I have received many winnits like teamwork , responsibility , math , math , photography , tap dancing club winnits.

My parents encourage me to give back to community. I have joined Me to We club to help people in poorer countries. I donate to Topavan foundation for under privileged kids education from my savings. My school tap dance group performed in an old age home. I helped my father generate support for a jogging track in park next to my school.  

My favorite animals are bats , dolphins , monkeys and koalas . My favorite color is lavender. My favorite food is noodles and tomato soup. I am a vegetarian. My favourite subjects are  science, social studies. I know English, Hindi and French and want to learn Spanish.

Enjoy reading my blog!