Books:One And Only Ivan

The One And only Ivan is about a gorilla and an elephant.It is also about art because the gorilla uses art to save him and the elephant  from cages and performing in  show and escape to a zoo.Katharine Applegate wrote this truly amazing novel and this is one of the best books.I recommend you read this book.

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Books: Poppy Malone Mischief of Mermaids

I will tell you about the book POPPY MALONE MISCHIEF OF MERMAIDS.

This book is a fantasy.It has mermaids who are mischievous and cause lots of trouble.Poppy Malone is sick of this trouble so she puts her  plan in action.It ended up working so she saved the day!This is a fantasy,mystery and adventure.I recommend you read this book and the other books in this series.

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Books: Silverwing

I will be sharing my opinion on the book  Silverwing. 

I thought Silverwing was a great book!It is a book of adventures!Two bats go on fascinating adventures.They meet many dangers such as owls,pigeons,big jungle bats but they always escape! I always think that they won’t escape but they do.The author Kenneth Oppel writes amazing books full f adventure,danger and excitement !I recommend that you read this book!

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