Travel: Niagra Falls

I will be telling you about NIAGARA FALLS witch is in ONTARIO,CANADA.

NIAGARA FALLS lights up at night all in different colors.It looks so beautiful!To sees NIAGARA FALLS at night you could stay overnight in one of the many hotels there are.You could also get a fallsview room but that’s to expensive.My family stayed over night in a fallsview   room at NIAGARA FALLS once.I had so much FUN!I went to two different arcades and won lots of things .At the FALLS during day you could go sees the FALLS from a boat but you need to buy a ticket Don’t worry you won’t get wet because they give you raincoats. I go on the boat every time.I recommend you visit NIAGARA FALLS! Be sure to visit the AV0NDALE icecream shop .It’s the BEST icecream shop in the world!But there is usually a big line!It is on the way the NIAGARA FALLS.

About the FALLS

it is one of the biggest falls in the world.

there are lots of people visiting NIAGARA FALLS.

the FALLS is on the Niagara River witch connects Lake ERIE and Lake ONTARIO.

Enjoy your trip to NIAGARA FALLS and reading my blog!


Travel: CN Tower

The CN TOWER is a place i have been to.

Here are some facts about the CN TOWER:

  • CN TOWER is one of the world’s tallest tower and it is the third biggest tower
  • The CN TOWER was the world tallest tower in 1976

you should visit the CN TOWER because it has a nice view of DOWNTOWN,TORONTO where it is located.The CN TOWER also has a restaurant witch i have never tried because i am a vegetarian .The CN TOWER is a amazing place and i recommend you go there.

Enjoy your trip to CN TOWER and reading my blog.

PS i wish to see the tallest tower in the world BURJ KHALIFA located in DUBAI  someday.Than i could tell you about the tallest tower in the world BURJ KHALIFA.